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General FAQs

General FAQs

How does this program work?

COST: It is free.

ACCUMULATING POINTS: This rewards program is part of the Audience Rewards Network of rewards programs for arts and entertainment and functions just like a frequent flyer or frequent stayer hotel program. Once you sign up for your free membership, you earn points and bonus points when you buy tickets for participating shows and events and enter your membership number in the ticketing system (referred to as an Audience Rewards Network account). In addition to earning points for buying tickets to participating shows, you can also earn them through the program’s travel and retail partners or for participating in special promotions that may include, but not be limited to: completing surveys, playing trivia, requesting information, posting content, and referring friends.

Members typically earn two points per dollar spent on tickets to a participating Audience Rewards Network shows plus other periodic bonuses if specified. In addition, different Audience Rewards Network programs may offer special bonuses and incentives for related activities beyond your ticket purchases.

POINT BALANCES: The points you earn from all of the different venues, shows, and arts organizations that participate in the Audience Rewards Network may be called different things as part of their branding, but ultimately all of the points earned in a Network program have the same value. The points automatically roll up to a single account balance that travels with you across the Audience Rewards Network from program to program.

REDEEMING: After you accumulate enough points in your favorite program or across multiple programs, you can then redeem them for free tickets and other experiences throughout the Audience Rewards Network.

What is the Audience Rewards Network?

The Audience Rewards Network is a growing coalition of Broadway theatres, touring venues, concert arenas, shows, presenters, festivals, arts organizations, and distribution partners that offer reward incentive points redeemable for free tickets to the arts.

The Network is powered by Audience Rewards – the Official Rewards Program of Broadway and the first national rewards program for the arts.

Customers who are active in one or more of Audience Rewards Network programs will have:

  • A single Audience Rewards Network account and membership number for earning points that can be entered into the major ticketing systems, including Ticketmaster and Telecharge.
  • A single customer profile in their Audience Rewards Network account for easy management of preferences.
  • A single rolling point balance that accumulates across all participating Audience Rewards Network programs.
  • Points that can be redeemed in any of the participating Audience Rewards Network programs for free tickets, merchandise, experiences and more.

Who is behind the Audience Rewards Network?

Audience Rewards is backed by a group of the largest and most prominent theatre owners and theatre presenters from across the country including Nederlander Theatres, The Shubert Organization, Jujamcyn Theatricals, Telecharge, Broadway Across America, and eleven major performing arts centers and independent presenters from around the United States. top
What are the benefits of using this site powered by Audience Rewards?

Through this site, members will have access to the following benefits:
  • Earning points when purchasing tickets to many of the most popular shows in New York and around the country at participating venues
  • Assurance that you will be booking through the show or events authorized/official ticketing system.
  • The ability to redeem points for free or cash and point Ticket Awards
  • The ability to earn and redeem travel and retail partner points and miles for tickets and awards.
  • Limited-time added-value offers and savings for specific shows
  • Invitations to select pre-sales, Broadway events and experiences
Why do I need an Audience Rewards Network membership number?

Just like with any frequent flyer or frequent stayer program, your Audience Rewards Network membership is what allows the program to track your purchases and manage the points you have earned that are held in your account. In order to earn points when buying tickets, you will need to enter your Audience Rewards Network number in to the ticketing system of the participating show or and event.

Regardless of where you sign up, that will be your single membership number and it can be used in any of the Audience Rewards Network programs.

By creating an Audience Rewards Network account, you are also allowing the Audience Rewards customer service team to contact you in the event of a change or cancellation in performance dates you purchased.

Where do I get an Audience Rewards Network membership number?

Registering is easy and takes seconds. There are links to join on all of the participating programs or you will be prompted for basic information to create your free personal account (your Audience Rewards Network Account) when you purchase or redeem a ticket in any of the participating programs. You only need to register once.

What if I can't remember my Audience Rewards Network number?

If you need your Audience Rewards Network number and don’t remember it, click the "look up account" link at the bottom of the site or next to where you are being promoted.

Why is it that for some ticket purchases or redemptions my seats are assigned after I make my purchase?

Certain tickets and special offers are booked using different systems or select inventory allotments and your seats will be assigned after purchase. Unless otherwise stated, in these circumstances you will be assigned the best available seats in the orchestra or front mezzanine seating sections. Your exact seat locations will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your purchase. Your seats will be assigned within 2 business days of purchase, unless otherwise specified.

Which shows are currently available on the site?

The majority of popular Broadway shows are currently participating in Audience Rewards and are represented on the website. In addition, new venues, off-Broadway, and touring shows are continuously joining the program. Since live art is truly dynamic and some shows may have limited runs or end, members should check the Site regularly to find new offers and show information. top
What if I want to see a show that is not offering a special incentive or discounts?

Show pricing and offers vary depending on demand and seasonality. Shows may not offer members an incentive during peak periods including some weekends. For your convenience, links to each show’s authorized ticketing site are provided throughout the Audience Rewards Site, where you can purchase regular price tickets. top
Can I return my seats after I make my purchase?

Unfortunately, not. All theatre ticket purchases and redemptions are always final. top
What happens if the show I purchased ends before I supposed to see it?

Shows may have a specific set of performance dates or they may be an open ended event. If its an open ended show or event, the show will run for an unspecified period of time. In the unfortunate event that the show decides to end its run and you have purchased a ticket to that show after the end of the announced run, you will be notified by email or phone by a member of the Audience Rewards Network concierge staff who will try to book you into a comparable show or refund your points or money.

What is the difference between a Broadway Show, an Off-Broadway Show, and a Touring Show?

A Broadway Show refers to theatrical performances presented in one of the 40 large professional theaters with 500 seats or more located in the Theatre District, in Manhattan, New York City. An Off-Broadway show refers to professional plays, musicals or revues performed in New York City, in a venue with a seating capacity between 99 and 500 that uses Actors' Equity Performers. Touring Shows refers to a National Broadway Tour that is performed outside of New York City using Actors' Equity Performers or regional theatres and performances that may or may not use equity performers. top
Can I use other discounts or coupons in combination with offers on this site?

Unless stated, offers presented on this website are not valid in conjunction with any other offer, discounts, or promotions. top
What are Points and How do I earn and redeem them?

Audience Rewards is the Official Rewards Program of Broadway and functions just like a frequent flyer program. Select partner sites allow users to earn Audience Rewards points for eligible ticket purchases. Not all partner sites or tickets on a partner site are eligible to earn points. Check the site for more information and make sure you always receive your points for an eligible ticket or performance, be sure to enter your Audience Rewards Network account number in the ticketing system when prompted. For more details about point earning, visit top
How Can I Redeem my Points?

Users who have joined the program and accumulated points can redeem them for upgrades, free tickets, cash savings via cash and point awards, and other great offers. A full list of awards can be found on the site by selecting redeem and picking a show or event. Special one day or select awards may also be available on the site.

Awards can be redeemed online or through the Audience Rewards Phone Concierge service.

How do I get in touch with someone if I have questions about my tickets or this program?

Audience Rewards Customer Service agents are happy to assist you with your questions. Contact Audience Rewards Monday - Friday from 8am-8pm EST at 866-313-9635. Or, email your questions or concerns to and you will receive a response within 1 business day. top